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Possible? Or pie-in-the-sky?

TMx3 is a learned style of thinking built on three very simple principles:

Most people ”think about” several things at one time, but do so ”randomly” — without consciously realizing they are doing it.

By ”consciously realizing” that we naturally do this and then simply planning to think about the things we choose to think about — we increase our own ”thinking power.”

To amplify thinking power is to increase personal Productivity, Satisfaction, and Quality (PSQ).

Sound simple? It is. Common sense, really… when you think about it.

But most of us have NOT thought about it. Most of us just think about whatever comes into our heads . And in many ways, at various times, this is perfectly okay. But it is not okay when we wish to focus attention on getting necessary work done.

It is not okay when we seek to resolve serious financial matters, critical family issues or emergency situations. And as we are generally unexpectedly thrust into such circumstances, it is essential to have already developed a ‘critical thinking guidance system’ to optimize the effectiveness of immediate response.

Cognitive tools for optimized thinking

Discover this innovative ‘thinking technology’. Get more of the results you want and need, utilize resources most efficiently, compound beneficial outcomes, enhance OTJ performance and enjoy more quality time for leisure.