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Welcome to gozarks portal into the past, present and future of life as we know it.... researched, observed, intuited and empirically experienced from an isolated nook in a semi-rural cranny of The Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Come blog with me and we'll chat about all sorts of stuff!

We support, endorse and work to amplify all actions that role-model and empower the sustainable, happy and prosperous well-being of life among the people of all nations.

Christine Louise Beems, 2014

An Ozark E-Zine

Though a goodly amount of my professional career involved photography, I've always been a bit camera-shy. And when it comes to social-media, I've (purposefuly) lagged behind.

That is, thought I enjoy an occasional stroll through my FB to see what my children, cousins, and friends (who load their pages with family pics, funny posters and tons of 'selfies') are doing, I seldom post much... and generally, when I do, it's some sort of  'civic activism' issue about which I'm getting the word out.

Thus the pic at left is my first 'selfie'... which I know is not very good <grin>, but hey... I am what it is <lol>... me, myself and I.

And this tripartite self is celebrating her (aka: our, or is that my?) 65th b-day this year... A hallmark in the annuls of a lifetime, or so I'm told. And though I 'officially' retired from the work-a-day world several years ago, the fact of my retirement from various and assorted civic (volunteer) endeavors has been ongoing... fueled partly by my reluctance to simply say 'no' when a 'good cause' comes to my attention, partly by the fact that with some things once involved it takes a while to divest, and always because I *know* that my skill-set contributes to moving things forward. 

However, as of January 1st of this year, I became much more emphatic in my resolve to undo myself from this long-time 'public service' passion and put my personal resources to more personal use... aka: just simply being 'me' in a world of 'no deadlines'.

And I have whittled-down my self-imposed obligations now to just one longstanding advocacy issue which I made a commitment to back in 2010, which I'm looking to conclude my role in very (very) soon and shall at long last be fully prepared to mosey on through the looking glass and explore the new freedom found... (((hugs))) ~Christine

Wow... so much stuff has happened since I last updated my profile. Literally, nearly four years have vanished into thin air!!!

Yes, that's me, offering you a nice slice of the Bavarian Cream Torte I prepared using my mom's favorite recipe. >>>>>>>>>>>

In 2008 I entered into a new phase of career development to serve as the Communications Director of 'sister companies' one of which manufactured industrial doors and the other stainless steel parts.

Double-wow... what a hoot that was!!! I loved it, and I hated it. Thus I left the world of corporate glamour in August of 2009 and fiddled around for a while, figuring out what I wanted to do.

In 2010, some friends and I gave our best shot at forwarding a legislative initiative to end the prohibition of cannabis for medicinal use in Arkansas. Also, my youngest and I took a roadtrip to California and along the way I became infatuated with New Mexico. Thus I began spinning plans to relocate.

So great was my desire that I was barely a heartbeat away from closing a deal on a sweet-little motel and restaurant when, just before Christmas that year something totally bizarre pounced out of the blue and indentured me to a civic activism cause which I served as the volunteer Communications Director of Arkansas Time After Time.

My good works have been aided and abetted by the fact that my Social Security pension kicked-in early in 2011 and I am now (so they tell me) officially 'living the life of Riley' (for any of you old enough to remember that refrain). 

If you want to know more about what I'm up to now, check out my gozarks blog. If you want to know more about what's come before, read on below and visit gozarks archives or send me an email...!!!

CL Beems, 2006, the "new" me.
As a single parent of 5 (magnificent) homeschooled children ranging in age from 13 to 38, Christine oversees her media & marketing management business entirely from her home-based office in the Ozark Mountains.

Yes, that's me at right. Christine Louise Beems of Shirley, Arkansas, Editor Emeritus & Publisher of Gozarks: Everything Ozarks, graphic artist extraordinaire, master website/content developer, marketing genius, and according to my kids "Best Mom In The World."

Since the debut of Gozarks: Everything Ozarks in April of 2000, Gozarks' client list has grown to include the Conway Municipal Airport, the Booneville Municipal Airport, the City of Clinton, the Main Street Clinton program, and Holley Mountain Airpark.

As a long-time business owner, public relations specialist, non-partisan environmental activist and dedicated civic volunteer, the short list of Christine's accomplishments include co-foundering director of the Professional Speakers Association of Michigan (1976), board member and officer of the Arkansas-Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Network (1990-1993), recipient of an Uppity Woman Award presented by the Arkansas Public Policy Panel (1993), co-founding steering committee member of the of the Ozark Liberty Alliance (2002-2004), and co-founding member & secretary of the Holley Mountain Chapter of the United States Pilots Association (2002-2006), a track record which she believes speaks eloquently to the values she holds dear, the competency she brings to her work and the motivation which drives her professional wherewithal.

Personal Note: The close observer will be aware that for the longest time my last name was Weiss and now it is Beems. FYI: Beems is my maiden name and I have elected to reclaim my birth identity.

PS: Thank you for reading. Reading, like thinking, is good. If you'd like to know more about what I'm up to now that my darling daughter Shalom is heading-up Gozarks, come visit me at LocalEnergyMatters.INFO !!!



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Bill of Rights
Constitution of the U.S.A.
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Co-Founding Member (1976)

Professional Speakers Association of Michigan
Past Recipient
Uppity Woman Award

Ark Public Policy Panel

Past Board Member & Officer
Arkansas-Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Network
Co-Founding Member & Secretary
Holley Mountain Chapter AR01 of the United States Pilots Association
Co-Founding Member & Communications Networking
Ozark Liberty Alliance

Core Group Member

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Take a look at this interesting Pond Yacht

SPECIAL NOTE: I love this car, which I bought new for myself as a 55th b'day present back in March of 2004. My son, Josh, is now (June 2008) purchasing it from me because I got a 2008 Tiburon which is really a hoot and I shall do my best to post some pics of it soon...


That you may be filled with strength and power, rooted and grounded in love that surpasses all knowledge: Be kind to one another; live with compassion, producing every kind of goodness; stand firm and hold your ground in truth, righteousness and peace; be courageous; embrace faith which is perfect trust in justice. ~Ephesians 3-6 (condensed)